Want to make something different for your upcoming party?  Try to create a watermelon keg for your drinks.  It does not only add the charm as your beverage centrepiece but it’s a great conversation starter even for the socially awkward.  For a Hawaiian theme masterpiece, add mimosa and other wild—but not poisonous—flowers and fruits.

How to Create a Watermelon Keg
How to Create a Watermelon Keg


You will need

  • One big watermelon
  • drawing compass
  • pencil
  • carving knife or sharp knife for carving
  • large spoon
  • apple corer
  • duct tape
  • pins
  • newspapers
  • wet paper towel
  • toothpicks



  1. First, clean the watermelon with water and pat it dry with clean dry cloth.
  2. Draw a circle around one end of the watermelon where you’re going to remove the top. You can make use of the drawing compass to make accurate circumference.
  3. You can explore your creativity for decorating your keg. You can use pencil to make temporary lines and designs.
  4. Cut off the top of the water melon (where you draw a circle) using a sharp knife.
  5. Before removing the top, line your newspaper underneath the watermelon. Carefully remove the top and scoop out the flesh with a large spoon. You can put the flesh in a bowl for your punch or whatever drink you want to prepare.
  6. Scrape the inside of the melon but to do not overly do so.
  7. Using the wet paper towels, clean the inside surface of the watermelon.
  8. Get your apple corer and make a hole at the base of your watermelon keg, which is at the opposite part of the removed top. The hole should be 2-3 inches in diameter and place the spigot or faucet to fit.  This way, your guests can open the spigot and have their drink.
  9. Put any beverage you want inside the keg and run a test. If it works, you can immediately proceed to the decoration of your watermelon keg.