Kiwifruit or Chinese Gooseberry, which is simply known as Kiwi, is a kind of berry that originally came from Northern China before spreading to New Zealand in the early 20th Century. From there, the fruit became popular with U.S. Servicemen, who are stationed in the country until it was eventually exported in California. Nowadays, this fruit is common not only in the U.S. but in the rest of the world as well. This fruit, being brown and fuzzy on the outside while having green and zesty flesh on the inside, is an excellent source of Vitamin C.



Slicing Kiwi by using a paring knife alone gives it a rather angled and irregular appearance, which makes it less presentable. Always remember that Kiwi appears best when presented in thin, round slices, especially when you’re planning to use it in desserts such as fruit cake and tart.


Unknown to most of us, achieving this is somewhat easy when done using a spoon, provided that you follow these simple steps.


  1. When peeling Kiwi by using a spoon, choose solid and unblemished ones. You can achieve the best results if you use solid and unblemished Kiwi. Just make sure that it’s washed and dried properly before cutting it.


  1. Cut Kiwi’s both ends by using a paring knife before using the spoon. Slip the spoon between the fruit’s skin and flesh in a rather in-and-out motion until you completely separate the flesh from the skin.


  1. Push the Kiwi out of its skin by exerting a little pressure. Just use a little force or else, the fruit will slip out of your grasp. Slice the peeled Kiwi into ¼-inch rounds before using it to decorate and garnish your desserts.