Already frustrated because you want to lose more weight? If you still feel heavy and bloated after cutting your food consumption down and exercise, maybe the problem isn’t with those. Try to check out what you’re drinking.


Most of us didn’t know that the liquids that we drink, especially beverages, also contain added sugars and carbohydrates that can affect your diet. So if you’re interested enough, these are the top five drinks that can definitely help you lose weight:


  1. Water – Whether we like it or not, drinking water is still the best weight-loss solution. Aside from rehydrating our bodies, it also helps break-down unwanted fat, especially during your rest after exercise. If you’re not used to drinking water alone, try adding some fresh fruits like lemon, orange and tomato, or even cucumber to add some flavor.


  1. Vegetable Juice – Especially when it’s fresh and home-made, drinking vegetable juice is an excellent way to get nutrients and fiber that your body needs.
Vegetable Juice
Vegetable Juice


  1. Unsweetened Tea – Green tea is a known metabolism-booster, which is very essential when it comes to weight loss. Oolong and Black Teas, on the other hand, contains antioxidants that can help remove toxins in your body.


  1. Black Coffee – An essential adult drink every morning, drinking black coffee can also speed up your metabolism. Caffeine, which is found in coffee, can also suppress hunger. Always stick to drinking your coffee with a little sugar and skim milk, though.


  1. Skim Milk – Being a perfect source of Calcium, Protein and Vitamin D, it keeps our bones strong and helps build up our muscles. Along with low-fat chocolate, this is a perfect drink right after that rigorous workout.