We all need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day in order to stay healthy. However, that fact is usually ignored since drinking plain water can be a struggle, since most of us think (except those who live in places where water is scarce) that drinking it alone is somewhat boring. If only drinking water is our problem, however, we can make a ‘variation’ of it, that is, cucumber water.

Drinking Cucumber Water Helps your Body
Drinking Cucumber Water Helps your Body


Most of us didn’t know that aside from being delicious, drinking cucumber water gives us more health benefits than just drinking water alone. Since cucumber alone contains about 75 percent water, hydrating our bodies with it won’t be that difficult.


These are some of the benefits that cucumber water can give:

  1. Cucumber Water fights free Radicals – Free radicals are unstable and harmful, especially in large numbers. Drinking cucumber contains Vitamin C and beta-carotene which helps in reducing its number.


  1. Cucumber Water for Healthy Blood and Bones – Cucumber contains Vitamin K which is very essential for blood clotting and developing strong bones.


  1. Cucumber Water helps regulate Bowel Movement – Cucumber contains fiber, which is needed in order to clean hard waste materials in our intestines.


  1. Cucumber Water helps Remove Excess Water in our bodies – Cucumbers are known natural diuretic, meaning they help remove water in our bodies by making the kidneys produce more urine. Since fats are stored in our bodies by means of water, removing the water gives us a ‘less bloated’ feel.