It’s a very well-known fact that becoming a vegetarian is the most common solution when it comes to losing more weight, along with exercise. There’s definitely no problem when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables. However, most people tend to have a wrong misconception about a vegetarian. Even though that the skinny ones in countries like U.S. usually eat vegetables to lose weight, it doesn’t mean that he or she is a vegetarian. There’s a little chance that they experience an eating disorder called Anorexia. To those who didn’t know, the real vegetarians are those who eat vegetables and fruits along with protein and carbohydrate-rich foods. Always keep in mind that eating vegetables just in order to lose weight isn’t a healthy motivation.

How to Gain More Weight
How to Gain More Weight


The truth is, just like others, vegetarians still need to keep their weight checked most of the time. If you think that being fat isn’t a healthy lifestyle, being too skinny isn’t healthy, either. If you’re a vegetarian and you think that you’ve lost a significant amount of weight than the usual, you must eat these foods in order to keep yourself in balance:


  1. You must know and understand the difference of being a vegetarian from a vegan. To those who didn’t know, a vegetarian is a person who eats vegetables while cutting his or her consumption of meat and fish. On the other hand, a vegan tends to stay on eating vegetables while refraining totally from eating anything that had a ‘face’ in it.


  1. Continue on eating foods that are rich in healthy calories. Eating foods that contain good-natured fats such as peanuts, beans, avocados and almond butter will add some pounds to your weight in a very healthy way.


  1. Eat more protein-rich foods for additional muscles. In order to gain body mass, adding muscle volume will definitely do the trick. This means that you must eat protein-rich vegetables such as lean meat, fish, peanut and soybean products such as tofu. Don’t ever take protein supplements; they do little to no effect to your muscles.


  1. Add up or increase your carbohydrate consumption. Studies have shown that eating carbohydrate-rich foods can give you a calorie boost without filling you up at the same time. If you want to gain more weight, eat carbohydrate-rich foods like rice, bread and pasta. Eating these foods will definitely add more weight to you.


  1. Consume dairy products and eggs every day. Dairy products and eggs are known to add weight to those who eat them. Adding these two along with the vegetables you eat will definitely do the trick.