Chicos are part of traditional and staple food in the South Western region.  They are corn kernels that are processed through drying and roasting.  Commonly, they are cooked with beans which make them heavy for the stomach but can be a great energy source.  Poured over the rice and sided with meat viand, you get a power-pack meal.  For beans, you can select black beans, pinto beans and kidney beans.


How to Cook Beans with Chicos
How to Cook Beans with Chicos


  • Chicos
  • Dried beans
  • Aromatics—garlic, onions, bell pepper and bay leaves (can be optional)
  • Salt to taste



  • Cooking pot, large
  • Bowl, large




  1. Clean the chicos and dried beans by sorting them out, getting rid of any dirt or debris. Place them in a large bowl and clean with water.  Get rid of the water and fill the bowl again, this time you are going to soak both overnight (or for about 10-14 hours).


  1. After the given period, get rid of the water and rinse under cold water.


  1. Place the beans and chicos into a large pot. You can then add also the aromatics should you want to do this.


  1. Pour the right amount of water into the pot by getting at least an inch of water to cover the chicos and beans. Cover the pot partially and bring the beans into boil for about 2-3 hours. You can add water from time-to-time to avoid burning the beans.  Season with salt and you are ready to serve the dish.


How to Cook Beans with Chicos
How to Cook Beans with Chicos