Smelling the aroma coming from the steak causes our mouths to water.  There’s always something in a steak that we find so favorable.  Frequently, grilling the meat over the BBQ grill gives off the best results.  However, if we are cooking indoors, we can try pan-grilling them.

How to make steak at home
How to make steak at home



  • Steak, tender (sirloin, strip or rib)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Additional seasonings and spices (optional)



  • Grill pan or skillet
  • Aluminum foil
  • Paper towel
  • Serving platter



  1. You can marinate your steak before –hand in order to attain its flavor. So when you marinate, you can choose between seasoning the steak with spices or rubbing it with salt and pepper.  Put the steak inside the refrigerator to store.


  1. Before you cook the steak, be sure to put it outside the refrigerator. Make sure that it is void of moisture, so using paper towel, remove any visible moisture.


  1. You can simply choose from these two methods:
    1. Get your skillet and put it inside the oven and preheat oven into 450-degree Fahrenheit. After preheating the skillet, get it out and place it over a burner.
    2. Preheat your grille pan over a burner (or stove) until smoke surfaces from the pan.


  1. Get your steak and brush both sides with oil.


  1. Put the steak in the skillet or grill pan and sear each side for two minutes. (When you are using a grill pan, make sure that you position the steak in the angle where it can achieve diagonal markings. This will give your steak a wonderful design or markings.)


  1. Place an aluminum foil sheet over a plate while waiting for the steak.


  1. When you achieved that lovely brown shade, get the steak from the pan or skillet and put over the aluminum foil. Cover the steak with foil and wait for 2-5 minutes.


  1. Serve the steak with its own sauce and your choice side dish.


How to make steak at home
How to make steak at home