Parminder Singh : CEO & Founder – Food And Meal

Parminder Singh is the foodie behind the creation of and the brain behind the informative A Computer Engineer and Programmer in profession, he also makes it a mission in life to provide quality but free information through blogging.


He created his first blog site in August, 2014 and has posted numerous articles under various categories and topics. Since he’s a foodie by heart, he put up months later. In February of 2015, the blog site dedicated for food lovers is already in the internet.

Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh


When he is not in front of his computer, Mr. Singh hangs out with friends and family, listens to music (and sings to himself), watches movies and—of course—eats veggie dishes.   He is an Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer and Internet Marketer.  But above all, he is a respectable Indian and a God-fearing Sikh.


You can connect with him through Facebook and LinkedIn.